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Savvy Tips for Blind Networkers


(Items that are marked with * are highly specialized blindness-specific competencies which are rarely taught elsewhere.)

During Savvy Blind Networker, students will:

  • explain the importance of developing networking skills as well as the role networking plays in personal success 
  • identify people and groups in their personal network 
  • describe the blindness nuances and steps for preparing oneself to attend a networking event (virtually or in person) *
  • apply blindness nuances while mingling and networking *
  • introduce oneself 
  • gracefully introduce individuals to one another 
  • successfully manage refreshments and a white cane while mingling during a network event*
  • apply white cane etiquette during networking*(parking your cane)
  • demonstrate direct and indirect strategies for entering and exiting a group conversation* 
  • respond to questions about one’s visual impairment 
  • give examples of appropriate “Next Steps-follow up” after networking and

offer examples of “going the extra mile”

  • Networking with Peers

  • Attending and/or Hosting a Network Reception

  • Networking Over a Meal

  • Networking with Business Cards