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ACE Advocacy Academy

This intensive training is delivered through distinct online workshops. Through our unique advocacy workshops for blind and low vision people, participants learn from savvy blind advocates. They practice and refine positive disability self-disclosure techniques in order to explain capabilities and accommodation needs to future employers. Students work together to explain disability-related rights and responsibilities with peers, teachers, administrators and employers.


1. ACE Self-Advocacy 

Participants develop a positive philosophy of disability, and practice strategies for disability self-disclosure. 

They also practice essential elements of self-advocacy and social/ employability skills including: listening, collaboration and team-building; notetaking and documentation; time management and personal organization; solution finding and collaborative problem solving.


2. ACE Advocacy for Parents and Families

Parents and family members of students with visual disabilities learn ways to empower their students. Topics include: rights and responsibilities, strategies for advocating for their student; learning about special education laws; participating in their student’s IEP/504 plan meetings; advocating for accessible technology, training, and standardized testing accommodations; the importance of blindness related literacy and independent travel skills. 


3. ACE Education 

Participants practice essential elements of self-advocacy including: identifying opportunities to self-advocate; learning about special education laws; participating in their student’s IEP/504 plan meetings; advocating for accessible technology and standardized testing accommodations as well as blindness related skills such as Braille, critical to future success. 


4. ACE Community Inclusion 

Participants learn essential elements of community engagement and collective action including: studying themes and cases in the blind/disability rights movement and the Americans with Disabilities Act; practicing persuasive communication and developing a positive philosophy of inclusion. 


5. ACE Financial Literacy 

Participants learn essential blindness specific nuances related to financial independence as they discuss: SSI, SSDI and ABLE accounts. They discuss principles of investing in oneself; the importance of working and saving, judicious budgeting, spending and borrowing, and filing taxes. 


6. ACE STEM-Advocating for Science*(Specialized Online Workshop) 

Participants have the unique opportunity to learn about the science of self-advocacy in the STEM fields. Through an innovative collaboration between Ace Academy Online and Independence Science, participants join in this rare occasion by meeting and interviewing real, working blind and low vision scientists from around the U.S. (via Zoom). 


To Schedule a workshop


David De Notaris at: 717.298.1481 


Eileen Rivera Ley at: 443-253-5595