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ACE Job Readiness Skills

1. ACE Internship Boot Camp* 

The ACE Internship Boot Camp prepares blind and low vision students to shine before, during and after work-based learning experiences. Participants will be coached by accomplished blind professionals who will share important blindness nuances and skills essential for success.  


2. ACE Academy Savvy Communication and Networking 

Participants learn the importance of successful conversations, connecting with others as blind or low vision job-seekers, and the elements of successful networking. These include: conveying a good first impression, exploring the role verbal and nonverbal communication play in connecting with the sighted public and listening actively to others. Participants learn to project confidence as they advocate for themselves. As a capstone project, students participate in an online or in-person networking experience. 


3.  ACE Leadership and Emotional Intelligence  

Participants explore essential emotional intelligence principles for leading and motivating others, practice brainstorming, solution finding and consensus building. Participants are introduced to essential elements of self-care, wellness, and personal motivation. They also learn important blindness nuances and strategies for connecting, collaborating and advocating with peers. 



In addition to delivering the wonderful workshops above, our team is open to customizing and creating training and team building opportunities to motivate and empower professionals and staff working in the blindness rehabilitation space.  


To Schedule a workshop


David De Notaris at: 717.298.1481 


Eileen Rivera Ley at: 443-253-5595