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ACE Job Readiness through Productivity & Assistive Technology

(Workshops marked with * are Specialized Workshops which include additional staffing) 


1. ACE Personal Productivity for Leadership * 

Blind and low vision participants practice essential blindness nuances of personal productivity, and pre-employment skills including: listening, collaboration and team-building; notetaking and documentation; time management and personal organization; solution finding and proactive problem solving. They will also build a positive philosophy of disability. 


2. ACE iOS Productivity Technology Learning Community *

 Blind and low vision consumers embark on the path of productivity, independence, and efficiency by accessing the full power of their own iPhones and iPads by using Voice Over and Siri. Participants learn the importance of time management by using Calendar and Reminders apps; communication etiquette while using the Mail and Messages apps; and record keeping and organization as they use the Notes app. 


3. ACE Android Productivity Technology Learning Community *

Participants learn the theory and practice to unlock the power of Android for productivity, independence, and effectiveness. ACE Academy establishes an Online Learning Community for each cohort, so that participants may continue to collaborate, share insights, and post questions; helping one another continue the learning journey. 


4.  ACE PASS-(Promoting Academic & Student Success) (College & High School Editions)

Through PASS-Promoting Academic & Student Success, students learn essential resiliency strategies. In order to achieve full participation and collaboration, students identify potential barriers and ways to overcome them. They share strategies for connecting with sighted peers. They create action plans to achieve personal goals. Also, in the college edition, students examine best practices for collaborating with university Disability Support Services. They set goals using the 100 Things to Do Before You Graduate from College self-assessment tool. 


 5. Low Vision Logic (Consumer Edition)(also available in Diabetes Edition)

Participants learn common sense approaches for maximizing personal effectiveness and independence at school and on the job. This workshop includes low vision tech discussions and demonstrations as well as low tech and high tech “hacks”. (May be customized for kids and families, students, seniors or vocational rehabilitation staff) 


To Schedule a workshop


David De Notaris at: 717.298.1481 


Eileen Rivera Ley at: 443-253-5595