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Blind Savvy USA

Pre-Employment Training Opportunities for Blind and Low-Vision Students and Adults

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The aims of the nationally respected Blind Savvy Strength training are:


During Blind Savvy Strength Series high school and college students and adults with disabilities or who are blind collaborate with their peers as they prepare for success in school and future work life. During these interactive, online or in person experiences, participants receive coaching and mentoring by successful blind professionals and motivational coaches: Eileen Rivera Ley, MBA of Blind Savvy USA, and David DeNotaris, MA of Sky’s the Limit Communications, LLC. Blind and low-vision students will grow confidence and independence as they explore the power of pre-employment transition skills and blindness nuances such as business dining etiquette. Through this Blind Savvy Strength Series, the participants begin with the basics such as the many benefits of work. Participants will also practice harnessing the power of first impressions through practicing effective body language, connecting through conversation and projecting a polished image. 


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Eileen Rivera Ley; Blind Savvy USA

A distinctive element of his one-of-a-kind Blind Savvy Strength Training is the real-life opportunity to practice blindness specific nuances and skills introduced by the blind coaches. For example, during the networking workshops, students will mingle with “strangers” and during the Career Explorations, students will have the opportunity to conduct informational interviews as an essential element of job exploration. 

Meaningful practicums such as networking, informational interviews and business dining experiences reinforce skills and build confidence through real life challenges. Through roleplaying, participants learn to discuss their skills and needs, and best practices for requesting accommodation requirements.