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ACE Academy-Online

ACE Academy-Online or In-person

ACE Academy-Online or In-person -Pre-Employment -Transition Services


ACE workshops

ACE Academy Creators and Trainers:

David DeNotaris, MA

Helped 10,000 individuals a year with disabilities, find real jobs with real pay

Speaker, author and Master Trainer, featured in Fortune Magazine, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today

ACE Academy Creators and Trainers:

Eileen Rivera Ley, MBA

Creator of Low Vision Logic, and the Blind & Socially Savvy Strength Series

Diabetes and vision loss expert

BA, Harvard University, MBA, Wharton School of Business

Dynamic Innovator/ Entrepreneur selected as one of Maryland’s Top 100 Women

To live confident, independent lives

in a post COVID 19 world, blind and low vision students need--engaging, fully accessible, Pre-Employment Transition Services from blind experts who understand.”

  -Eileen Rivera Ley, MBA,

    Blind Savvy USA

ACE offers 4 areas of Innovative Solutions with 16 individual workshops

Workshops offer essential Pre-Employment Transition Skills with blindness nuances

… all include individual and group activities, and unique Capstone Project(s)

ACE Workshop


Each ACE Academy Workshop fee is all-inclusive and covers:

  • Direct services & expenses for up to 14 students
  • 2 professional coaches, David DeNotaris & Eileen Rivera Ley
  • Guest speakers and mentors, technology expenses
  • Program development, coordination, administration and delivery
  • Program supplies and materials, outreach video and flier, pre-assessment and post-assessment reports
  • Online ACE EXTRA resources

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in support of the nomination of ACE Academy and ACE Academy Online, David DeNotaris and Eileen Rivera Ley

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